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    Knox County FairGolf Cart Rodeo

    Golf Cart Rodeo

    Golf Cart Rodeo2 people per cart $10 ($5 extra person)
    Obstacle course containing…
    Course of traffic cones they will need to drive through
    Station 1 (Make a basketball)
    Station 2 (Make a hole-in-one at putt-putt golf)
    Station 3 (Make a corn hole bag)
    Station 4 (Surprise)
    Station 5 (Blindfolded driving)
    It is TIMED!

    Golf Cart Rodeo Registration Form – 2019

    Golf Cart Rodeo Rules 2019


    2019 WINNERS:
    1ST: Jess Watson and Phillip Hedge
    2ND: Jamie and Owen Lane (The Lane Train)
    3RD: Briley Utt and Madison McCory (Tonto and Trigger)