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    Does your business want to sponsor the fair? We are currently selling large poly-carbonate signs to be located outside the Grandstand until October. Please call 735-2344 for more information.
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      Knox County FairUncategorizedFall Demolition Derby

      Fall Demolition Derby

      Knox County Chaos Demo Derby

      Hard Knox Promotions

      October 26, 2013  *  7:00 pm  

      Bone Stock      Mini’s      Big Cars

      Lawn Mowers       Powder Puff

      Big Cars          Bone Stock          Mini’s          Powder Puff          Lawn Mowers

      $1,250               $   500                  $  500             $  500                 $  300   

      $   800               $   250                  $  250             $  250                 $  150    

      $   400               $   100                  $  100             $  100                   $    75   

      **Guaranteed Payout on All Classes

      **Must be a minimum of 12 (twelve) entries in a class for a guaranteed payout.

      **Less than 12 (twelve) entries will reduce the payout 50% in a class.

      **Less than 6 (six) entries will pay 100% of class entry fees to 1st Place ONLY.

      Participant entry fee is $40 for each class which includes the driver’s Pit Pass. Passenger fee is $35 for each class which includes the passenger’s Pit Pass. Everyone entering the pit area MUST purchase a Pit Pass and sign a K&K waiver and release form. Pit passes are $20 for all ages. Absolutely NO ONE under the age of 16 may drive. Proof of age is required, so bring it with you.

      Pit Pass Admission (all ages): $20
      Grand Stand Admission:   $10 ALL SEATS

      Rules and Officiating Provides by Knox County Fair

      Contact Information- Cory Moreland 812-887-9623

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