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Knox County FairDemolition Derby

Demolition Derby

DSC_2551-272x168ALL SEATS $8.00

Derby begins at 8:00 p.m.
Seats are at a premium – plan to arrive EARLY!

Click Here for Flyer

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Five Classes**
Big Cars             Bone Stock         Mini’s     Powder Puff    Lawn Mowers

**Guaranteed Payout All Classes

          Big Cars         Bone Stock          Mini’s               Powder Puff           Lawn Mowers
1st         $1,250                $  500            $  500                     $  500                      $  300
2nd        $   800                $  250            $  250                     $  250                      $  150
3rd         $   400                $  100            $  100                     $  100                      $   75

**Guaranteed Payout on All Classes.  Mad Dog Award in all classes.**Must be a minimum of ten (10) entries in a class for a 100% payout.

**Less than ten (10) entries will reduce the payout 50% in a class.

**Less than five (5) entries will pay 100% of class entry fees to 1st  Place ONLY.

Participant entry fee is $35 for each class which includes the driver’s Pit Pass. Passenger fee is
$30 for each class which includes the passenger’s Pit Pass. Everyone entering the pit area MUST
purchase a Pit Pass and sign a K&K waiver and release form.  Pit passes are $15.  Proof of age is
required, so bring it with you.  Absolutely NO ONE under the age of 16 may drive.

2014 General Rules for Demo Derby

 2014 Class Rules

2014 Release Form

Contact Information: Cory Moreland
Phone:  812-887-9623
Rules and Officiating: Provided by Knox County Fair

Click here for Entry Form

You may contact the Knox County Fair Office
at 812-735-2344.