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2015 Knox County Fair Results


Knox County Fair Queen Contest Results:

Kristen Downen – Queen
Madison Robinson – 1st runner up
Carolina Provines – 2nd runner up
Natalie Byrd – 3rd runner up
Megan Brown – 4th runner up and Most Photogenic
Hailley Kahre – Miss Congeniality
Amber Everett – People’s Choice


Goat Results:
Grand Champion Pygmy & Reserve Grand Champion: Diane Hobbs
Grand Champion Dairy Goat & Reserve Grand Champion Dairy Goat: Gracie Thomas
Grand Champion Boer Goat: Gretchen Carie
Reserve Grand Champion Boer Goat: Eli Carie
Senior Showmanship: Diane Hobbs
Intermediate Showmanship: Gracie Thomas
Beginner Showmanship: Kennedy Wagaman


Swine Results:

Grand Champion Gilt: Mallory Butler
Reserve Grand Champion Gilt: Kylie Wagaman
Best Knox County Bred Gilt: Jacob Misiniec
Grand Champion Barrow: Brandon Marchino
Reserve Grand Champion Barrow: Mallory Butler
Best Knox County Bred Barrow: Hailley Kahre
Senior Showmanship: Brandon Marchino
Intermediate Showmanship: Trevor Kahre
Beginner Showmanship: Jacob Misiniec


Cat Results:

Grand Champion cat: Madison Winemiller


Dog Results:

Grand Champion Dog Obeisance’s: Kami Minnich
Reserve Grand Champion Dog Obeisance’s: Tom Schmidt
Grand Champion Dog Agility: Gabe Cambran
Reserve Grand Champion Dog Agility: Kami Minnich
Grand Champion Dog Showmanship: Haylee Green
Reserve Grand Champion Dog Showmanship: Sarah Roberson


Poultry Results:

Senior Showmanship: Kristen Downen
Intermediate Showmanship: Alexis Rusch
Beginner Showmanship: Klye Daugherty


Kiddie Tractor Pull Winners:

Henry R Lafferty and Owen Lane in the Ages 4 -5 group
Ethan Stevens and Chase Miley in the Ages 6 -7 group
Ely Baker and Cora Armes in the Ages 8 – 10 group


Dairy Cattle Results:

Grand Champion winner for his Guernsey Heifer – Sydney McGiffen

Reserve champion for his Holstein Heifer – Luke McCormick

Grand Champion for his Heifer – Dylan Wolfe

Grand Champion for her Steer – Macy Dillon


Round Robin Winner:

Brandon Marchino


 Hog Wrestling Results:

8 – 9 yr

1st place  Hog Riders  Caleb Bottom,

 Kaden Boyles, Cohen Williams Carter Lemberg

2nd place-Bacon Slicers- Blake Goodwin, Jenna DeCoursey, Kade Groteguth, Briley Utt

10-12 Years 

1st place –  Bacon Blitz – Ally Sims, Mattilynn Ashley, Jaelyn Grumieaux, Arianna Gerkin

2nd place – Little Hog Wreckers – Trey Baker, Ely Baker, Graci LeRoy, Millee LeRoy

13-15 years

1st place – Diamond Hogz – Payton Curry, Coleton Phoff, Colin Brown, Cole Jones

2nd place – Swine Smashers – Graycie Poe, Abigail McKinley, Reece Hammelman, Andrew Cross

16-18 years

1st place – Hamburglars – Reeva Hammelman, Rylee Hammelman, Juli Miller, Lilly Gough

2nd place – Hog Hunters – Korde Weber, Lilly Gough, Rylee Hammelman

18 & Older

1st place – Pork Posse –  Laura Dreiman, Jordan Wonning, Karlie Johnson, Daniel Dreiman

2nd place – Baconators  Matt Smith, Taylor Wieling, Jennifer Eble, John Hathaway



2015 Fair Photos

Courtesy of TRPhotography

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All photos courtesy of TRPhotography