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    Does your business want to sponsor the fair? We are currently selling large poly-carbonate signs to be located outside the Grandstand until October. Please call 735-2344 for more information.
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      Knox County Ag Day – March 9th at the V.U. PE Complex

      The 2017 Knox County Farm Fair is July 17-22!

      2016 Livestock Grand Champions


      Gracie Thomas
      Grand Champion Dairy Goat

      Gracie Thomas
      Reserve Grand Champion Dairy Goat

      Diane Hobbs
      Grand Champion Pygmy Goat

      Diane Hobbs
      Reserve Grand Champion Pygmy Goat

      Briar Kahre
      Grand Champion Meat Goat

      Sidney Kahre
      Reserve Grand Champion Meat Goat

      Grace Carie
      Grand Champion Boer Goat

      Eli Carie
      Reserve Grand Champion Boer Goat


      Sam Downen
      Best of Show

      Sam Downen
      Grand Champion Large Fowl

      Audrey Hislip
      Reserve Grand Champion Large Fowl

      Audrey Hislip
      Grand Champion Water Fowl

      Harrison Hislip
      Reserve Grand Champion Water Fowl

      Dylan Daugherty
      Grand Champion Turkey

      Sam Downen
      Grand Champion Bantam

      Sam Downen
      Reserve Grand Champion Bantam

      Dakota Candler
      Grand Champion Commercial Egg Type

      Adrianne Rusch
      Reserve Grand Champion Commercial Egg Type

      Sam Downen
      Grand Champion Commercial Meat Type

      Adrianne Rusch
      Reserve Grand Champion Commercial Meat Type

      Dylan Daugherty
      Grand Champion Pigeon

      Dylan Daugherty
      Reserve Grand Champion Pigeon


      Jackson Thomas
      Best of Show

      Chris Kaetzel
      Grand Champion 6-Class

      Maggie Pierce
      Reserve Grand Champion 6-Class

      Jackson Thomas
      Grand Champion 4-Class

      Kaitlin Hedge
      Reserve Grand Champion 4-Class


      Colin Loudermilk
      Grand Champion Gilt

      Jesse Organ
      Reserve Grand Champion Gilt

      Jacob Misiniec
      Best Knox County Bred Gilt

      Colin Loudermilk
      Grand Champion Barrow

      Mallory Butler
      Reserve Grand Champion Barrow

      Reece Hammelman
      Best Knox County Bred Barrow


      Dillon Wolfe

      Grand Champion Heifer

      Allison Loudermilk

      Reserve Grand Champion Heifer

      Kyla Wolfe

      Grand Champion Steer

      Macy Dillon

      Reserve Grand Champion Steer

      Blaine Beard

      Knox County Rate of Gain

      Colin Loudermilk

      Knox County Bred Heifer

      Reece Hammelman

      Knox County Best AI Bred Heifer

      Allison Loudermilk

      Knox County Best Embryo Bred Heifer

      Carolina Provines

      Knox County Bred Steer

      Carolina Provines

      Knox County Best AI Bred Steer

      Kyla Wolfe

      Knox County Best Embryo Bred Steer

      Congratulations to the 2016 Knox County Fair Queen, Hailley Kahre!

      2016 Fair QueenPhoto courtesy of TRPhotography1


      Historic Vincennes Visitors & Tourism Bureau & Tractor Supply Company in Vincennes are Sponsors of the World Championship Rodeo happening on July 16 at the Knox County fair grounds!


      2016 Knox County Fair

      July 18 – 23, 2016

      Horse Flyer





      2015 Fair Photos

      Courtesy of TRPhotography

      For full album visit




























      All photos courtesy of TRPhotography